Featured Dishes
  Dalian Hotel is powerful in its food and beverage service, owning five national super chefs leading by Chinese cooking master Li Shunye and Dong Guomin. Its main food is Shandong cuisine supplementing with various local cuisines, which combines advantages of Chinese, western and Japanese cuisines, gives prominence to seafood and therefore has forming its own unique style. The food can be divided into top, medium and low price grades. Its characteristic food includes Terrine Fim, Lavrock Mushroom Sea-ear, Cashew Chicken, Sichuan and Guangzhou Tenderloin, Braised Bean Curd,Sweet and Sour Chrysanthemum Fish and so on. Dalian Hotel is famous for its exquisite cookery, dainty food and perfect service. NAKASONE YASUHIRO, the former Japanese premier, after having had dinner in Dalian Hotel, praised the food to be the true prime of Chinese food. Therefore, Dalian Hotel has gained the titles of Liaoning Famous food & Beverage Hotel and Dalian Famous Seafood Hotel for its delicious foods.
  Dalian Hotel supplies service for the whole society, which can take charge of various business dinners, cocktail lounge, wedding banquet, birthday banquet and meeting dinners for friends and relatives. You can not only enjoy delicious food and exquisite arts in Dalian Hotel, but show your distingue taste and valued station.