Dalian Hotel was built in 1909 and completed in 1914 with the old name of Dahe Hotel, which was the earliest modern hotel of Dalian. Located at Zhongshan Square, the central area of Dalian, Dalian Hotel has always been the reception place for important persons of political, business and social circles.
  Present-day Zhongshan Square was once a part of Qingniwa Village a century ago, Nicholas II of Russia announced to build a harbor in Qingniwa and begin to build a city in November of 1899, then the first mayor Zahaluofu selected the site to build a square at the east side of Qingniwa and named it as Nicholasyivka Square. After the Japan-Russia War, the Japanese rulers ordered to build nine majestic continental buildings with different profiles surrounding the Square according to the former design project of czar during the period from 1906 to 1936, Dahe Hotel was one of the nine buildings, which was in the charge of Southern Manchuria Corporation of Japan from 1914 to 1945. The name of Nicholasyivka square was then changed into Big Square.
  When Soviet Red Army began to garrison Dalian in 1945, Dahe Hotel was then changed into temporary guard headquarters of Soviet Red Army in August of the same year, where GaoziGeliffe, the soviet guard commander, held a meeting for representatives of various circles of Dalian on October 27 of the year and determined to organize Dalian Government. The guard headquaters of Soviet Red Army moved out of Dahe Hotel in November, whose name was then changed into International Travel Agency of Soviet Union. Dalian Government took charge of the travel agency on December 7, 1950 and changed its name into Dalian Branch of International Travel Agency of China in 1953, which was then divided into two parts, one was named Dalian Hotel, and the name had been used until now.
  Dalian Hotel have played an important role in business circles intercourse and political receptions for nearly a century, and have received many domestic and foreign state chiefs and big names, such as Zhou En Lai, Liu Shao Qi, Peng De Huai, Deng Ying Chao, Yang Shang Kun, Khrushchev, Bulganin, NAKASONE YASUHIRO, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Former US secretary of state-general alexander Haig and so on. Dalian hotel attracts numbers of Japanese sight-seers every year and was authorized to be a three-star hotel by National Travel Bureau in 1992.